Gražina Stugytė

A riding trainer with many years of experience, one of the pioneers of endurance riding in Lithuania.

During her career, she won several awards in endurance riding, triathlon, and show jumping.

In 2006, at the World Equestrian Games held in Aachen, G. Stugytė took the 57th place with the Kabardian horse Sok. It was a historic achievement that no Lithuanian could improve for a long time.

G. Stugytė has graduated from horse breeding studies.

At the "Girniukas" riding school, G. Stugytė conducts group and individual riding lessons for children and adults. The trainer works both with those who want to learn to ride and tame a horse, as well as with equestrian sports enthusiasts, preparing riders for competitions.

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Jurgita Rutkienė

physiotherapist, certified hippotherapist, with more than 10 years of work experience in the field of therapeutic/therapeutic riding. She is one of the pioneers of hippotherapy at the stables of Kurtuvėnai Manor.

At the "Girniukas" riding school, J. Rutkienė conducts hippotherapy classes for both children and adults.

The specialist works with children diagnosed with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, autism, irregular posture, and adults with multiple sclerosis, depression, etc.

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