About us

Riding school "Girniukas" started its activities in 2019. Its founders are physiotherapist, osteopath, horse enthusiast Deividas Petkus and riding trainer, one of the pioneers of endurance riding in Lithuania, Gražina Stugytė. Gražina Stugytė.

Located near Šiauliai, in a stable in the village of Jusaičiai, the "Girniukas" riding school began to create its own history, bringing together all those who are indifferent to horses. A professional trainer with many years of experience, G. Stugytė, conducted individual and group training for people of various ages.

When the quarantine started, the activities of the riding school had to be suspended, later the classes were held at the family farm. Although the infrastructure was not developed there, the founders of "Girniukas" did not give up - they were waiting for everyone, whether a person is just taming a horse or is determined to reach the heights of equestrian sports.

From May 2023, "Girniukas" opened a new chapter in its life - it became the manager of the historical Kurtuvėnai Manor stud farm. This step opened up new opportunities to expand our activities, to become a more important part of the Equestrian Sports Association, to become an open attraction of the Kurtuvėnai Regional Park, and to promote tourism.

"Girniukas's" team joined hippotherapist Jurgita Rutkienė, which conducts hippotherapy classes.

The founders of "Girniukas" have always emphasized their riding school's most important purpose - to develop the rider, both his physical and spiritual preparation.

Mission - "Girniukas" takes care of horses, is proud of horsemen, trains experienced and beginner riders. We strive to make equestrian sports understandable and accessible to everyone.

Vision - "We give ourselves to raise better people. We live by what we get, but we make life by what we give." V. Churchill

Values – Experience, reliability and constant desire to improve.